Rules And Regulation


As this diary is a vital link among the Student's, Parent's and school, it must be brought to school every day. Parents are requested to check the handbook and communicate through it.


  1. Do respect one self and others especially parents and teachers as it is an essential elements to success.
  2. Do value school property. Do not disfigure buildings, furniture or fittings. Avoid graffiti on pillars and toilet walls.
  3. Do use English when in school for familiarisation.
  4. Do behave gentle. No unruly behavior when supervised.
  5. Do not use abusive or inappropriate language with classmate. Do avoid bullying or harassing fellow classmates or fellow students in Van/Bus.
  6. Do avoid climbing on furniture with footwear.
  7. Do wear appropriate school uniform. Girls should not weax gold chain, dangling earrings or high heeled footwear. Boys should have short hair and no fancy footwear. Shirts should be tucked in and school belt is a must.
  8. Do keep to school timings. Avoid absence to school unless in emergencies or due to illness. Absence should be intimated in writing in advance or on the day of absence. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Avoid arriving before 8.10. Do not run around the class or skate on verandahs.
  9. Do leave school soon after school programme is over every day. Escorts of students in the evenings should leave school without wandering in the school premises.
  10. Do leave other's belongings in school. Check your belongings "before leaving school.
  11. Do wait inside the school for pick-up vehicles. Avoid visiting shops and eateries around the school. Do not have planned meetings in the vicinity of the school, bus stops or in nearby parks. It does not create a good image of the school or of the students.
  12. Do leave school with a Gate Pass from the respective Head and with the parent or parent authorised.
  13. Do use only bicycles to school. Geared or gearless motorized two wheelers are prohibited by school and by law.
  14. Do leave and enter classrooms in an orderly manner. Walk in single line on the corridors and in stairs. Give way to teachers by standing aside. Keep silence on the way to games class or supplementary subject classes.
  15. No movement is allowed outside class during class hours.
  16. Do ask parents to meet teadiers after making an appointment.
  17. Do regular study at home. Putin least 6 hours of study every day. Follow the strategies taught by your teachers.
  18. Do homework at home and not in school Cultivate originality and avoid copying homework. It does not allow learning or self evaluation.
  19. Do avoid malpractice during tests and examinations. It could result in suspension from school. It does not lead to success in the public examination.
  20. Do adopt honest behavior. Do not tamper with Report Cards and Acknowledgment Slips. It could be the first step towards criminal behavior in later years.
  21. Do participate in all activities of the school. Do be patriotic. Sing the National Anthem at all functions and during morning assembly.
  22. Do ensure that furniture is arranged neatly in class rooms. Students who arrive very early should enjoy making the class presentable for fellow classmates.
  23. Do switch off fans and lights when not in use/when away from class.