To Parents

Instruction To Parents

Please ensure that your ward leaves home in proper uniform, polished shoes, hair and nails properly trimmed, with I.D card and school bag with books according to the day's timetable.

Students are expected to bring with them their lunch, water, napkin and spoon. Lunch is to be taken in the classroom, Parents are advised not to bring, lunch to school and meeting of parents and students are not permitted during the school working hours.

Parents are to advise their wards to greet teachers and elders as and when expected.

"Think in English and speak in English". It is imperative that English is used as the medium of communication in school. Parents are also advised to counsel their wards to converse in English at home too. During the II language period, the chosen languages should be used to converse. j 

Parents are advised to ensure that their wards do daily study of lessons and are regular at homework.

Parents are free to send their wards by public or private transport. Safety of the children is our priority too.

Parents are to monitor their wards activities after school hours. They should be advised to return home immediately after the school closes for the day. Loitering may lead to undesirable activities and habit formation.

Parents are advised not to give their wards large sums of money, calculators or cell phones. Possession of the above if detected will lead to confiscation and disciplinary action. No gold jewellary is to be worn in school.

Parents are advised to help their wards to keep the school timings and also to be regular to school. Absenteeism should be intimated. Leave from school will not be granted after a cycle / revision / unit test. Students who fall sick during school hours will be taken care of and may leave school with the parent or escort on written permission from the principal.

Parents are expected to spend quality time with their children and monitor their leisure time activities, The amount of time spent on watching T.V. with friends and on the phone should be monitored and curbed.

Parents may send their wards to school on their birthday, in civil dress, modestly dressed (especially the girls).

Note to Parents
  • Parents/guardians are requested not to visit the classrooms during class hours.
  • Ensure that the mobile numbers provided to the school are exclusively attended by you.
  • Ensure that your ward brings the school handle book daily along with the respective books and materials as per the timetable.
  • Priorpermission must be taken for meeting the principal, class/subject teacher.
  • We seek the wholehearted cooperation from all parents or the complete well-being of your children.
  • Parents are requested to attend the open day meet arranged by school management.
  • Irregular to school, habitual idleness, disobedience and conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons or dismissal.
  • Re-joining school late after vacation is not permitted.
  • All damages of school properties will be rectified at the cost of the offenders.