Library Rules

Library Rules

Students of Class III to XII are permitted to borrow book at a time.

Books borrowed must be returned within the due date, ordinarily a week, failing which the borrower will have to pay a fine of Rs. 50/- per day.

Silence shall be maintained in the Library - cum - Reading Room. Personal belongings like books, bags, umbrellas, etc., are not permitted to be taken inside the room.

In case of damage to any book, the borrowers shall have to pay its full cost immediately.

In the event of loss of library book, the matter must be reported to Librarian immediately, failling which the borrowers will have to pay a fine of Re. 100/- day in addition to its cost

Reference Books shall not be taken out of the Library.

Transfer of books among students is not allowed. The student in whose name a book is issued shall be held responsible for its return under the rules.

Students will not be given TC unless, all library books are returned and the librarian gives a "No Due" certificate.