An Appeal

Dear Parents,

A full-fledged growth of a child can be ensured only by the joint efforts of parents and teachers. Parent's duty does not end with the admission of the child in the school. A constant and consistent attention from parent side is therefore very much essential.

Parents have to approach the teachers or head of the institution for any academic details. The present educational system demands care, love and consideration. Hence shower love on your children and at the same time be strict whenever necessary.

Day to day activities should be supervised by the parents. Right from the time your child is up from the bed till he / she goes to bed a strict vigilance is essential. Budget their precious time to be utilized properly and effectively. Inculcate the habit of punctuality in their activities at home like bathing, eating, studying, watching TV, doing homework, practicing yoga, meditation and praying etc.

Besides, pay attention to their personal cleanliness like brushing teeth, combing their hair, polishing shoes and cutting nails etc., check their bags whether they carry books according to their time - table. Please see that your child eats nutritious and healthy food. Send sufficient water, napkin and spoon.

These trifles will help in long run to become a responsible person.