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Tweet From The Correspondent

My warm greeting to dear parents and students,

GODSON PUBLIC SCHOOL is a warm and welcoming community, committed to creating the best possible educational experience for every child. We aim to enable all children to reach their full potential. At Godson acquisition of academic and personal skills are important. Our students perform at levels within a nationally recognized curriculum. Our School goes well beyond academic performance and skill development.

We are concerned with the development of character in our students and encourage a sense of responsibility and self-discipline. Life for many young people these days is something of a background. During the impressionable years, young people need positive role models and a secure schooling environment. Here learning is a continuous process and the students are given all the required assistance through teachers who are dedicated to teaching, supported by other infrastructure facilities that assist learning. Our school, unique for its multicultural blend of ideas, nurtures tolerance, mutual respect, and trust. Studies alone do not help to mold student’s character. It is the school, its location, its facilities and ambience that aid in the overall character development of the student. In our school we emphasize on integrity and cultural sensitivity. Wishing the students a happy learning experience at Godson Public School.

Warm regards,

Dr.Paul Renganathan